You have probably seen the commercials and  some of you probably even wondered could it be real? Vending machines for cars? Well now you can check it out for yourself.

Online auto retailer Carvana launched its first car vending machine in Michigan last week and the whole concept in actually really cool. Consider it kind of candy machine for grown-ups.

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The new way to buy a car opened in Novi in the Adell Center off of Novi Road and Interstate 96. The unique building serves as a vending machine of sorts for used cars of all makes and models. Standing eight stories tall, it's stocked with two dozen vehicles waiting for their owners.

So how does it work? Well Carvana, which sells used cars completely online, allows customers to pick out their vehicle and purchase it online. Once the purchase is complete the customer can then go to the vending machine site to pick up their car. Customers who purchase a car from Carvana get a week to decide if they love it, or hate it. If they decide it’s not the right vehicle for them they can return it. 

All of the the vehicles in the machine at the new Novi location have been spoken for and are just waiting to be picked up according to The Detroit News. The tower of cars is the 26th vending machine in the country for Carvana, yet the first for the state of Michigan.

If a vending machine delivery option is not exactly your style, don’t worry. Carvana also offers delivery right  to your door which is  something that the company has been actually doing for about four years here in Michigan.

If you are in the market for a new ride and want to check out the whole experience visit Carvana online.


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