Cars 108 signed on the air on June 15, 1984.  Not even a year later on February 20, 1985, or 251 days to be exact, J. Patrick first hit the airwaves on WCRZ-FM and has since become a fixture on Flint radio.

J. has been at the helm of the station through spectacular promotions and giveaways, amazing charity events, and huge ratings successes.  He's also guided the staff through some bad times, like an act of vandalism that took Cars 108 off the air for 11 days in 1995.

J. Patrick hosted The Cars Classic Lunch since its inception in 1987.  That show was re-launched as The 80s Request Lunch in late 2013.  As J. leaves WCRZ-FM, he will be trading places with Jeremy Fenech on Cars 108's sister station US103.1.  It's fitting that J. will be taking over a show on WQUS called The Ultimate Classic Lunch, which Jeremy launched and later renamed when Cars 108 dropped the Classic Lunch brand.

After an amazing run that spans three decades J. is signing off today, September 5, 2014, with his final run as your host for Workday 108 and The 80s Request Lunch. Ironically, that's 10,790 days after he first signed on, matching Cars 108's frequency of 107.9 FM.

Jeremy Fenech sat down with J. to reflect and look back at his amazing 30 year run.