Cars 108 is proud to announce that Madison from Gaines is our 'Pup to Pal' Project Winner.

We teamed up with the good folks at Ugly Dog Training and Daycare in Goodrich to find a home for Levi - an adorable yellow Labrador retriever. Ugly Dog began training Levi late last year when he was just a puppy, as we searched for someone in the area who would benefit from an emotional support animal.

Meet Madison

In the video below, you'll see Madison's tears of joy as she met Levi for the very first time.

Madison is a 21-year-old gymnastics performance artist and works as an instructor at EPIC Gymnastics on Miller Rd. in Flint.

Madison was nominated for our Pup to Pal Project by her grandmother, Beverly Reynolds. Beverly thought Madison would be the perfect candidate for an emotional support animal because she deals with anxiety on everyday basis.

"She doesn’t get to enjoy everyday life like she deserves, I would love to see her be able to be confident and calm outside of her comfort zones," Beverly said in her application. "I believe Levi would help her tremendously."

Life With Levi

Today, Madison and Levi are best friends. After just a couple of weeks together, Levi and Madison have formed a very strong bond.

I spoke with Beverly this afternoon, and she had so much praise for Levi, saying that he is a great dog and and a really good fit for Madison. She had an opportunity to dog sit this weekend when Madison worked a gymnastics meet that Levi wasn't able to attend. He got along famously with her family and was very, very excited to see Madison when she returned home.

Congratulations Madison and Levi. And thanks again to Ugly Dog Training and Daycare in Goodrich for doing such a tremendous job training Levi. Follow this link to contact them for training, daycare, grooming, and lodging.

Our thanks to Townsquare Media Flint's Kimmie Kelling for producing the video below.


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