The Knocks’ have finally announced an official release date for their highly anticipated debut album 55, but there's still a little over a week to go before it drops on March 5. Thankfully, the electronic duo has consistently gifted fans with some top-notch collaborations in the interim, all of which are set to be on the album.

Their latest, the disco-pop track “Love Me Like That,” is a '70s-inspired ode to unrequited love. With Carly Rae Jepsen on vocals, the track is as delightfully, instantly catchy as anything off Jepsen’s stellar 2015 album EMOTION.

“We did a bootleg remix of [Jepsen’s] song ‘All That’ and when she heard it, she liked it so much that she made it an official,” The Knocks told Elle, explaining how the joint effort came about. “While we were wrapping this album [55], we had an idea for a song that we thought she would sound perfectly on, so we cold called her about collaborating and she was into it. We flew out to LA that week and recorded it together. We are really happy with how it turned out.”

The Knocks’ debut album will also feature a number of other famous collaborations with artists like Cam’ron, Wyclef Jean, Matthew Koma and Walk the Moon.

Listen to "Love Me Like That" above, and check out The Knocks' debut album 55 when it drops on March 4.

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