It's a good thing Carly Rae Jepsen is a solid singer. Because she really embarrassed herself by throwing one of the worst first pitches at a baseball game...ever.

Oh it was that bad. But the Canadian cutie laughed it off and had a sense of humor about the pitching mishap, which has gone viral online.

While CRJ laughed at herself, she really muffed the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays vs. Houston Astros game this weekend! It appears that the 'Call Me Maybe' singer may have held onto the baseball a bit too long.

The announcers even said she did a good job while warming up, throwing strikes. But when the pressure was own, she crumbled and didn't even come close to home plate.

Hey, at least it wasn't flubbing a line to the national anthem. Yes, CRJ is Canadian, but it looks like she hasn't had much practice with America's pastime. We doubt she was a softball player in her previous life.

That said, Jepsen looked adorbs with her braids and her customized Jepsen jersey tucked into her Daisy Dukes while on the mound. We almost feel bad for giggling at this.

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