A former bowling alley in Owosso is set to get an upgrade.

I spent quite a bit of time in Owosso in my younger years when I worked there and have been to Capitol Bowl a number of times. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. In a statement released on February 7th, 2021, the owners informed the community that the building was sold to new owners.

We thank everyone for your support of us in this business since we purchased the center in February 2004 and chose to rebuild after the fire in 2006. We thanks our dedicated employees for their commitment and help as we struggle through difficult times. All of you, especially our employees, long-time patrons and advocates, will be greatly missed. We wish everyone the best in the future and hope your are able to enjoy the great sport of bowling in one of the other terrific centers in the surrounding area...said in the statement from Capitol Bowl. 

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For those wondering what will happen to the Capitol Bowl building, it is going to be repurposed and renovated by Jeremy Dwyer and Michael Ihm. The facility is going to be turned into a multi-sport training facility and will include a baseball field, football turf, exercise room, two volleyball and basketball courts, cornhole, and a full service bar and restaurant.

It creates a wonderful place to be to attract residents to Owosso, so those are the kind of things recreation wise that people want to have access to in the communities in which they live, and to be able to have these things in a close by area I think is a huge economic opportunity...said Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership President and CEO Justin Horvath.

The new owners are planning for a late April soft opening and a grand opening in May.

Source: ABC 12

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