If you're tethered on a short leash to your inhaler this time of the year, you're not alone.

Ever since we moved to Michigan back in 2014, my asthma (which I never had as a child; developed it when I was pregnant and it never went away) has been TERRIBLE. In fact, this time five years ago, I ended up at Genesys for three days; it was my first time being hospitalized for an asthma attack.

For myself and most asthmatics, spring and fall are the worst times to manage. Personally, fall has always been worse for me. I wheeze so much in my sleep that I dream about the noises I'm making. My nebulizer is plugged in next to my bed at all times; I even have a car charger for it for emergencies. I have two inhalers with me at all times and take a daily medication.

I decided to do some poking around as to WHY it's gotten worse since we moved here. Is it me? Is it my age? Is it the climate? Allergens??

Turns out that Michigan is one of the worst states in the country for asthma sufferers. In fact, Detroit is #8 on the list of the worst cities for asthmatics; it's called the Ohio-Lake Eerie Asthma Belt. From our extreme temperature changes to allergens to air polluation, the mitt has the perfect cocktail of crap for people with asthma.

The struggle is real. When you're sitting up in bed, doing a breathing treatment at 2:30 AM, it can feel very lonely and scary. I'm here to let you know that you are NOT alone.

The only concrete solution seems to be to move to a drier, warmer climate. Who wants to split the rent in Hawaii?

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