Be still my beating heart! Who knew a Prime Minister could capture the heart of the Internet -- and the ladies.

I already knew that Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is hot to trot. I mean, I have extensively researched this subject. But it seems that recently, I am not the only one who feels this way. There has been numerous posts online and now there are t-shirts!

So, let me just lay down a few reasons why you should jump on the JT bandwagon if you haven't already.



There are not a lot of people that can do this, especially in the political arena! How many pictures have you seen of any of our elected officials busting this move out? I'll answer, none. 

Master of handshakes

Smart -- Knows Science and Stuff

Of course he's freaking smart! I would hope that this is not a shock because I truly feel like people who we vote into office should be.   Everyone Loves Him -- Everyone

Yes, the ladies love him. But really, everyone does.

And, well. Come on! *cat noises*

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