...so why hasn't the city accepted the offer yet?

Plastic pipe manufacturing company JM Eagle, based out of California, has offered to replace all of the lead pipes in Flint for free. So, why hasn't the city accepted the offer?

The company has had legal trouble in the past with faulty PVC piping.

The CEO says that the pipes have a 50 year guarantee, and could last up to 100 years. When asked about the pending litigation, he says that it's a money-grab by lawyers and that it's a non-issue. JM Eagle has met with Mayor Weaver, but no decision has been reached. It's been several months since the offer was put on the table.

What do YOU think? Should the city accept the offer? Frankly, I think it's the best option right now. And, if something happens with the pipes, we know who to hold accountable. Companies face legal problems all the time; usually it's somebody trying to make a quick buck.