And it's given them BOTH a new lease on life.

75-year-old Ron Woods is a former St. Louis police officer and Air Force veteran. He broke his back in 2005, and ever since, has had the companionship of dogs. He had Amy, a dalmation-lab mix, and Dolly, a St. Bernard. Amy passed away last year, and Ron said that Dolly had started to act out because of it.

He gets visits from Pets in Peril, a local rescue group, that brings him dog food. When they heard about how Dolly was acting out, they started looking for another companion dog. They thought of Rowdy - a dog that had been found on the north side of Flint.

People initially said that Rowdy was mean and dangerous, but when they brought Rowdy over for a meet-and-greet, he fit in well. They said he was apprehensive at first, but now, Rowdy and Dolly are like "husband and wife." And Ron says that it gives him a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Pets in Peril even fenced in Ron's yard so that the dogs can run free. Is somebody cutting onions in here? *sniffle*

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