I saw this on Saturday afternoon and thought it was a wonderful thing to do.

On my way to the Davison Farmers Market, I drove past NTC Church at the intersection of Bristol and Belsay Roads. They always have an absolutely fantastic Christmas lights display; however, the rest of the year, they're pretty quiet...until now.

Out of curiosity, I pulled in the parking lot to see what their latest display was for - each cross had a name on it. After messaging the church and poking around on Facebook, I found out that it's a memorial to those who have been lost this year to COVID-19.

According to the Facebook event posted by the church:

We will be remembering those lost during the COVID crises. Many people have lost a loved one and weren't able to hold memorial services. We invite you to come to the church parking lot, place a name on a cross and hang it on the building. Losses during this time may have been from the virus or other causes, we just want to take a moment and honor them. We will also offer prayer, if you desire. Memorial Crosses will be displayed at least through fall of 2020.

Their Facebook page has quite a few live videos from their pastor; he's told us that they'll be doing another cross memorial soon. When we get the date, we'll pass it along. What a lovely thing to do - thank you, NTC Church. Your kindness is not going unnoticed.

Burton, Michigan Church Memorializes Victims of COVID-19

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