A breast cancer charity is under fire for falsely soliciting funds for research, and has been ordered to stop campaigning in Michigan.

Attorney General Bill Schuette issued a cease and desist against the Breast Cancer Outreach Foundation. The foundation is based in Florida, and is accused of false solicitation and diversion of funds.

Of the $1.4 million raised by the organization in 2015, investigators say $1.3 was spend on professional fundraising initiatives, and paid its president a $75,000 salary.

Through its phone and email solicitation efforts, the foundation pledged to use the funds for breast cancer research grants. No such grants were made in 2015, according to Schuette's office.

“I won’t tolerate deceptive fundraising. If a charity tells you it’s raising money for a specific purpose, it must use the money raised for that purpose,” said Schuette. “Donors should also be on guard against these deceptive practices. Remember: research the charity before you give."

The foundation's president is also the president of 'Help the Vets Inc,' another so-called charitable organization that solicits funds in Michigan, according to WNEM.

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