Imagine taking your tween to a restaurant and having them served an alcoholic beverage. It happened at an Outback Steakhouse in Livonia.

The family of 12-year-old Mekyle Cureton is speaking out after the boy was served alcohol at the restaurant the family frequents.

A Not-So-Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

The family visits the restaurant a couple of times per month. Mekyle tells Detroit's Fox 2 that he usually orders a virgin strawberry daiquiri, but this time it tasted different.

"It didn't taste like how when I had it the other times," Cureton said. "It didn't taste normal."

the boy went on to say that his heart started racing and he began to get a headache about the time the family was done with dinner.

Yolanda Collins is the boy's grandmother. She tasted the beverage but says she's not a drinker so she wasn't familiar with the taste.

The Bartender Made a Big Mistake

As the family grew concerned that something was wrong, they flagged down their server who then checked with the bartender.

As it turns out, the bartender admitted to making a big mistake - accidentally adding alcohol to the drink that was supposed to be non-alcoholic.

The restaurant comped the family's meal and apologized

His First Hangover at Just 12 Years Old

To be safe, the family took Mekyle to the hospital. Collins tells the TV station that the diagnosis was accidental exposure to alcohol and accidental ingestion. The boy was given Tylenol and advised to get some rest.

He experienced his first hangover at just 12 years old.

A spokesperson for Outback Steakhouse issued a statement, saying the company takes situations like this seriously and is taking steps to ensure its staff is properly trained.

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