A sad ending to a story we brought you in January. A body that was found near the Holland State Park pier on Thursday, March 19, has been identified as Eliza Trainer. The 16-year-old from Flushing was swept into the water on New Year's Day.

Ottawa County sheriff’s deputies were called the park’s north pier Thursday in response to a report of what appeared to be a human body lodged underwater in rocks.  The sheriff’s dive team worked for several hours before freeing the body from a hole in those rocks.

On New Years Day Trainer and a friend were on the pier in Holland State Park.  Waves that day were large and approaching 12 feet as they were crashing to shore. A wave from Lake Michigan hit the pier and knocked them both into the water. The young man was able to swim ashore and get help. Trainer had not been seen since.

Divers and search teams looked several times and days in Lake Michigan after she went missing, but were not successful in finding her. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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