I think I'm goin' to 'Cat Man Do.' The new Bob Seger-themed watering hole opened its doors to rave reviews Friday, featuring Seger-themed menu items, memorabilia and more. The bar/restaurant is located on Bay St. (sadly, not Main Street) in the small village of Unionville.

Owner Dennis Collon tells WJRT that the inspiration for the bar's theme was borne from his nickname 'Cat' and his daughter who had the idea to carry a B.O.B., or 'basket of bacon' on the menu. Cat Man Do is a play on the 1975 Seger hit 'Katmandu.'

Collon says he met the legendary Michigan rocker in 1967 and has carried those memories with him ever since.

"He was Bob Seger and the Last Heard and he played at the Legion Hall and I was a junior in High School,” said Collon. “We came over here [resturant called Rocky’s] and played pool. Well he ended up walking over and I don't know if he even got anything to eat or anything but he ended up playing pool with us."

Collon says he hopes the bar will become a community staple.

"That's what we want to do, we want to have it where somebody walks in maybe we don't know them but when they leave we're going to know them."

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