I thought that nobody could surprise me on this show anymore, and I was totally wrong.

Ladies and germs, meet Kodi Lee. He's 22-years-old and currently lives in Southern California. He was born blind and almost died when he was 5-days-old; he was diagnosed with ASD when he was 4.

Clearly, none of that stopped him - he's considered a musical savant and has a photographic memory. So, when he sat down at the piano last night on America's Got Talent, everybody was BLOWN AWAY.

He's also a great tap dancer, too!

His mom says that music has been his outlet, saying that Kodi used to have upwards of 30 tantrums every day...until he started performing.

Needless to say, he got the golden buzzer. I hope he wins because I would DEFINITELY fly to Vegas to see him!

*Hey look! It's Flint's very own Terry Crews as the new host!*

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