It looks like Michigan is going to lose another business due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In an announcement on their Facebook page on Tuesday, Big Cat Brewing Co. in Cedar, MI shared some sad news with fans and beer lovers. After considering many factors and challenges they face in the future, Big Cat Brewing Co. has made the unfortunate decision to close their doors for good. Big Cat Brewing Co. has been brewing beer for Michigan for the last 14 years.

In the heartfelt message to their customers, fans, friends, and family, owners Aaron and Nikki Ackley, cited a number of reasons for closing. Those reasons included both losing Memorial Day weekend as well as the possibility of not being able to serve at full capacity this summer. Those reasons and more have lead to unsustainable business operations. Looking to the future, the Ackley's will be spending the summer reinventing themselves and repurposing the building for possible future endeavors.

I am in no way a craft beer aficionado but do enjoy trying different types of beer. The huge beer selection that's locally brewed in Michigan is one of the many things that makes this amazing to live in! So as you are preparing for a beautiful weekend, look for local brands of food and beer while you're shopping.

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This is really sad to see! The hard-working people and business owners throughout Michigan are really suffering during these times. There is no better time than right now to try and support local businesses. If you have the ability, call up your favorite local restaurant and order lunch. Every little bit helps business owners at this time.


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