As a high school history teacher, Matthew Sayers attempts to bring history to his students in a unique way. The Bendle teacher, who also serves as the chairperson of the Social Studies department, has written a song and produced a video to honor a local World War II Veteran.

Flint native John Goodman joined the US Navy after graduating from high school in 1943. He served as a Second Class Boatswain's Mate aboard the USS Suwannnee. He tells Sayers that he grew up practically in an instant.

"You're a young man. [And then] After one battle, you're an old man."

Of the more than 17 million Americans that served in World War II, the 93-year old is one of fewer than 500,000 still alive.

Sayers, who hopes to use his YouTube channel to honor more veterans in the future says the song/video is a great teaching aid. "We can talk about the war in general terms, but we can learn so much from people who lived it and by hearing their unique stories."


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