Beecher High School has produced some of the best athletes in the state over the years and continues to turn out new stars every season. Just this month Jalen Terry, a four-star recruit who is ranked No. 7 nationally among point guards, announced his plan to play for Oregon adding to the impressive list of collegiate and professional players that had their start at Beecher.

Even with a magnitude of championships and state titles, the school has been struggling with the accommodations it has for it's athletes.  Thanks to a nationwide contest, that may be about to change.

As we mentioned recently, Beecher High School has been selected as a national finalists to have the boy’s and girl’s locker rooms remodeled by the nationally known company Hollman Inc. As one of only 5 finalist, and the only school in Michigan, Beecher is looking to the public to make this dream come true. The current locker rooms have not been updated in close to 40 years.

Chatting with Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Courtney Hawkins, along with sportscaster Ryan Slocum, the real need became even more apparent. Close to 80% of all Beecher students participate in athletics. Some student athletes spend more time at the school then they actually do at home. Hawkins states the current locker rooms are old, shabby and in some aspects unsafe. Having new locker rooms would really be a game changer for the kids. "To get this down and be able to give our kids new locker rooms, just a new look and safe place would be like getting a new home for some of our kids."

Slocum, a driving force behind getting the community to vote for Beecher, comments that financial situations have not allowed updates to happen. "We understand financial troubles have plagued the community and the school district and that's why they need this. Funding hasn't been there and they need and deserve this."

Voting is underway now through February 3rd with the winning school  being announced on February 7th. Hawkins is calling on everyone to vote and spread the word in hopes to see his athletes enjoying new locker rooms very soon.

You can hear the full interview with Lisa Marie below. To help the Beecher Bucs win the new locker rooms click here and vote!

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