It is true what they say, everything taste better with bacon on it, even hot dogs. Bacon-wrapped hot dogs are all the rage with the late-night crowd, and vendors outside the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. They're called "Danger Dogs", and are even popping up on some Northern Cali cafe menus. One national fast-food chain -- Wienerschnitzel -- has gotten in on the action, too. Get the recipe and watch the video after the jump.

Cook Your own Danger Dog

1. Wrap bacon around a hot dog, corkscrew-style. Secure the bacon to the hot dog using (non-plastic) toothpicks.

2. Grill the hot dog, as you would normally. It's done when the bacon gets crispy. (If you don't want the bacon too crispy, you can partially cook the hot dogs before putting on the bacon, then place on the grill.) Remove the toothpicks and place the hot dog in a bun.

3. Top it with your favorite condiments or go "street " style and add mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and grilled onions.

Check out the video to see what it looks like.