Yes, yes, I know. We all want him on our team.

Julia Nicoll and her son Peter had taken the train from their home in Mount Prospect, IL to downtown Chicago to see the Christmas lights. It was also the weekend of the Packers/Bears game at Soldier Field, so the city was crowded.

As they went to cross the street, Peter told his mom that he thought Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was standing near them. Of course, she told her son that it probably wasn't him. However, when he walked past them, she noticed the resemblance, too. Julia, who says that she would never think to bother a celebrity in public, asked, "Are you....?"

He said, "I am."

He introduced himself to Peter, and said that he was out enjoying Christmas lights before dinner. Peter apologized for being a Bears fan, to which Rodgers said that he shouldn't be sorry - he lives in Chicago.

Rodgers took pictures with some other people, and then, as they crossed the street, caught back up with Julia and her son. She said that he just started talking like they were "old friends." She said that he was asking questions, like where they were going to spend Thanksgiving, where Peter's sister was going to college, etc.

Eventually, they parted ways. An hour later, they saw a woman decked out in Packers gear, so Julia decided to tell her what happened. She said, "My son plays for the Packers." It was actually running back Ty Montgomery's mom.

She waited for weeks to share the story online, and was shocked by the reaction she got. Although she did keep ONE secret - she didn't divulge where Rodgers was having dinner that night.

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