Is somebody cutting onions in here? *sniffle* Probably, it's a restaurant.

Greg Buzzard is the owner of That Guys BBQ in the Bay City Market. He heard, from the market owner, that one of his colleagues was having trouble paying the rent. Michelle Perrault owns RoRo's Restaurant, also inside the market.

Michelle assured the owner that she'd have the rent soon, but it was a slow time and she had to pay her car payment - the bank had been calling.

Greg went home to talk to his boys, ages 10 and 13, to see if they'd be okay with not getting presents this year. They said yes - because Christmas is about helping other people.

So, on Friday, Greg presented Michelle with a $3,000 check to pay off her car loan. Obviously, they had a "moment."

So much good in this story - Greg, his kids, etc. Love it.

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