You can easily get backed-up with the amount of themed restaurants in big cities, and coming up with the next big one can be constipated... I mean complicated.  People get a lot of great ideas while on the toilet, but in this case some whiz kid decided that the crapper itself would be his inspiration.

A new restaurant that opened outside of Los Angeles gives "cut the cheese," "pinch a loaf" and "float an air biscuit" a whole new meaning.  At The Magic Restroom Cafe, you squat on toilet bowls while eating primarily Taiwanese cuisine out of, you guessed it, miniature toilet bowls.

Once you "download" entrees like Golden Poop, a brown curry, you'll have room to "dump" a few more bucks on desserts like Brown Poop, a chocolate sundae, or a Bloody Number Two, a vanilla-and-strawberry sundae.

Do you think this idea will "explode"?  Will people be making skid marks to get there?  Or does this idea stink?  Is this sort of thing a movement in the wrong direction?

See pictures of the restaurant and some of the menu items here.

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