My husband and co-host Pat says that I can't do watch me. 

I've been wanting to do this for years - ya know, you're sitting on the throne, looking around, thinking, "Wow, the previous owners did a pretty quick...bad paint job in here, and there's rust on the lights and mirror. I should really get to that."

And then you don't. For years.

Not like there's a lot to do when it's -22 below outside; home projects are always a safe bet. So, I've decided to go for it - I'm doing a  soft remodel on my bathroom. Painting the ceiling, walls, new light fixture, new mirror, new faucet. And yes, I'm gonna do it myself.

I asked quite a few friends and family if any of them are like me - not very handy, but have done home projects with just the help of the internet before. Pat doesn't think I can pull it off, so of course, I'm dead-set on proving him wrong.

I'll be documenting each day the best that I can, but for now, here are the "before" pics:

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