A simple stop for gas turned into an expensive car repair for two people that filled up at the Citgo station on Ballenger Highway over the weekend. Both men were in Michigan for Thanksgiving and bought premium gas from the station between Friday and Monday.

Both cars ended up in the shop for repairs after they died shortly after getting gas. According to ABC12, the mechanics that worked on the cars said there was too much water in the gas tanks, causing the problem. Just because there was too much water in the underground tanks at the Citgo station, doesn't mean they are at fault. There could be a problem with the tank, resulting in too much condensation.

ABC12 reports that the owner of the station turned off the pumps for the premium gas as soon as he heard about the problem, and a technician is scheduled to come out and look at the tank. The owner of the station believes his insurance will cover the costs of the repairs for the two men who have reported problems.

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