About a month ago, I talked about the Back to the Bricks Michigan Mitten tour and how the group was in the planning stages of the event. We talked to co-chair Karen Bolton this morning and the tour starts on Friday, June 17 and you still have time to be a part of the event.

Karen says you don't have to have a collectible car and invites anyone to tag along who just wants to be a part of this great event. The group is making 39 stops around the state, with eight overnight stops, and many communities will be involved:

"There are so many small communities that are actively going to participate with us with a pit stop or an activity. They want to open up their communities and show us what they have to offer, so it entices us to come back to them too."

Karen will be the one driving the pink car and she likes to have a lot of fun, so you'll never be bored on the tour. Karen also says she's looking forward to good weather, among other things:

"Look forward to getting out with a bunch of car enthusiasts and promote Back to the Bricks and promote Michigan and enjoy everything we have to offer."

Again, it's not too late to sign up for the tour. The group will meet on the bricks at 8am June 17 and will be on the road by 9:30am and will return to the Sloan Museum in a big caravan the following weekend.

If you missed the interview this morning, you can listen to it below.