It was the last of the main summer events in the area holding off on canceling this year, but now one of the biggest has fallen victim to COVID-19.

Back to the Bricks held a press conference Thursday to announce the event as normal would not be happening this year in Flint. Organizers of the 16th Annual Back to the Bricks have canceled the car show and most of the other events scheduled in downtown Flint for August 2020.

In their statement, organizers said although they are cutting back on some of the event's normal activities, they are adding a few new things to keep the event alive and fun, with keeping the safety of the community and attendees in the forefront.

Executive Director, Amber Lynn Taylor, said during the conference,"We did not come at this decision quickly, and it is not easy navigating through these unprecedented times, but although we are cutting back on some of our normal activities, we are adding a few new things to enhance this years’ experience and make it safer for everyone." She went on to say, "We know that many will be disappointed with the changes that we need to make, but we hope it is understood that the Back to the Bricks organization puts the safety of everyone above and beyond anything else,"

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The following events are officially canceled:

  • Rolling Cruise – August 12th & 13th, 2020
  • Includes Mega Site at Saginaw & Hemphill
  • Hot Dog Lunch – August 14th, 2020
  • Classic Car Lot – August 15th, 2020
  • Concert – August 14th, 2020
  • In lieu of live event, a Back to the Bricks special presentation will air on ABC12 Aug 14th
  • Opening Ceremony – August 15th, 2020

The following fan favorite events have been changed:

  • Main Event: This year, Back to the Bricks will not be held in downtown Flint. There will be a Drive-Thru event on August 15th, but location and details are still in discussions.
  • Tune Up Week: Tune Up parties are changing slightly to “Drive-Thru” events. August 3rd – 8th Back to the Bricks will set up in various cities and offer a Drive-Thru feel for all participants.
  • Drive In: This year, instead of a movie presentation, the event will be a “Drive-Thru at the Drive-In”. Event will be offered to cruisers only. The first 1,500 cruisers will receive a Back to the Bricks magazine and our “unique” 2020 placard.

Other special aspects of the annual event, that traditionally draws attendees from all across the country,  will still be available. The collector's magazine, commemorative T-shirt and root beer will still be available, yet distributed in a different way than usual. There will also been additional Back to the Bricks merchandise available online.

Organizers thanked the community for their support and acknowledged the impact that the changes will have on the area from hotels, to restaurants that are frequented by those attending. Back to the Bricks is setting their sights on bringing the excitement back in full force next year for everyone. "Numerous businesses and communities feel the impact of our Back to the Bricks events," they said. . "We are devastated that this year, we cannot do more to help contribute to the local economy, but are looking at 2021 to be bigger and better than ever."

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