Clearly, The Bachelor, Brad Womack, is frustrated with the antics of Bachelorette Michelle.  My questions is, if he is that frustrated, why did he keep her last night?  She gives her opinion of the other gals in the house too freely!  She acts like Brad is already hers to keep!  Michelle needs to remember there are still SEVERAL more girls for The Bachelor to choose.  She needs to stop with the name calling and back-off, don't you agree?

Bachelor fans have been well aware of contestant Michelle Money's motives for some time now, but on Monday's episode, the 30-year-old hairstylist finally got through to Brad Womack -- and not in a good way.

After Money whined her way through a series of group dates in Costa Rica, she stormed into Womack's villa, demanding answers on why she's been denied one-on-one dates. A shell-shocked Womack was really stunned when Money evilly listed the other women who he should send packing.

"You're scaring me," Womack said after Money made her bold predictions, that had her coming in first ahead of Ashley, Shawntal and Britt. "I feel like we took 10 steps back," he told her. "I'm afraid of the direction we're going in."

"I didn't like that you kept Chantal -- it bothered me," Money told Womack. "If you end up with Chantal, it'll be a mistake. I know that I'm supposed to be here. I want you to know more about me."

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