As we age, we gain new perspectives. Your idea of 'old' probably differs a lot from when you were a kid. But realistically, how old should you expect to get if you're an average Michigander?

Factors Affecting Life Expectancy

There are many things that factor into life expectancy but the two major components that determine longevity are genetics and lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle choice can then be broken down more granularly to include such factors as hygiene, obesity, diet, nutrition, exercise, and living environment - meaning crime rates and access to quality health care can also influence one's life expectancy.

Life Expectancy in the United States

World Population Review pored through the data and notes that the average life expectancy for a US citizen varies from 78 to 80 years old, depending on the source. While the World Health Organization tends to shave a couple of years off estimates made by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, both agree that females in general tend to live a few years longer than their male counterparts.

States With the Highest Life Expectancies

If you are lucky enough to live in Hawaii, you may live longer than those of us in the 48 contiguous states. Hawaii residents have the longest life expectancy, averaging 81.5 years.

California, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts, and Vermont round out the Top 10 states with highest longevity.

 Life Expectancy in Michigan

According to World Population View, Michigan comes in at number 36 in the organization's ranking of states, sorted by overall longevity.

Michigan's overall life expectancy is 76.0 years. The average life expectancy for a woman in Michigan is 78.8 years, while men in our state average 73.4 years.

More information on the methodology used to determine life expectancy in the US can be found here. 


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