It was more than just a concert for a crowd of about 700 people in Northern Michigan last weekend. Those who attended a performance by RH Factor in Alpena also got to see the band's lead singer take his wedding vows.

Greg Isles and Stephanie (Mann) Isles are from Davison. The couple said their I dos at an impromptu wedding ceremony on July 10 between the band's sets at the Alpena Bandshell.

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Michael Deems of Essexville officiated the ceremony. He tells Cars 108 he was one of just a few people who knew the nuptials were going to take place that night. Deems says Isles teased the crowd before the intermission.

"I have to go change my clothes," he told the crowd. "You'll find out what that means in a few minutes."

Deems, who decided to become an ordained minister at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, says that when Isles walked back on stage in a tuxedo, some of the audience members figured out what was going on.

"So there was some applause and some confusion," he said. "But when I said 'Ladies, come on down,' and the bridal party came out, the whole place erupted."

Deems says he was honored to perform the ceremony in such a beautiful venue with Lake Huron serving as the backdrop.

Michael Deems performing the ceremony
Photo courtesy of Julie Cook

He noted that he hadn't even said "You may now kiss the bride," when the crowd broke into thunderous applause, giving the newly-married couple a standing ovation.

After the wedding, RH Factor played the rest of the show, with Isles still sporting his tux.


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