It was a sad and hard thing to see this past weekend when pictures emerged from a fire on Mackinac Island at the 120-year-old Brigadoon Cottage. The Memorial Day weekend fire to the historic location caused damage to the structure estimated to be close to $1 million.

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Thankfully there were no injuries, and as they say, things can be repaired and replaced, but people can't. And as much as the fire was the focus of the story, there was one other story unfolding that day.

According to Jason St. Onge on the Mackinac Island News and Views Facebook page, one particular picture taken that day really did speak a thousand words. The picture, snapped by Cody Langhorne, showed just wed couple Jake and Elizabeth. With the fire blazing in the backround the couple were seen walking down the street in their wedding attire.

The couple were finally married at St. Anne’s Church on the island, after postponing  their big day due to the pandemic. What those viewing the picture didn't realize was the couple's reception was to take place next door to the now burning Brigadoon Cottage in the gardens behind the Yacht Club. Now, with guests being evacuated the couple was facing yet another hurdle to their big day.

This is where it gets amazing. As the couple headed back to St. Anne's to collect their thoughts and literally pray, General Manager of Mission Point Resort, Brandon Sheldon, was walking by. What happened next was nothing short of amazing.

The Island Comes Together

With one phone call, Sheldon put the wheels into motion to save the couples day. According to the Mackinac Island News and Views Facebook page, businesses on the island worked fast to give the newlyweds their reception. The wedding was quickly moved to Mission Point. Employees jumped in to help including a bellman becoming a bartender.

The kitchen staff from the Yacht Club was able to use The Island House Hotel Kitchen to finish the food, and the Pink Pony sent dishes. Even Shepler's Ferry jumped in to help running a later boat to accommodate the guests that  were behind schedule leaving the island  due to the delayed event.

At the end of the day, it was a community that came together to save the day, and Jake and new wife Elizabeth had their happy ending.  Gotta love Michigan.

Facebook was flooded with photos from the fire. Take a look below.


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