After the announcement yesterday, I'm honestly wondering WHY.

In case you've been living under a rock, General Motors has announced plans to slash 14,000 jobs in the US, putting five plants (including two in Michigan) on the chopping block...just in time for the holidays.

I am NOT a native of Michigan, or Flint; I moved here in 2014. With that being said, I consider myself an "outsider looking in" in regards to General Motors and their relationship with Michigan.

Some quick observations, as an outsider, that are unique:

  • People get new vehicles. Often. Always upgrading, renewing leases, etc.
  • Most people have a family connection to General Motors
  • People are STILL very anti-foreign cars

Literally, our first week on the air, somebody chastised us because AJ drives a "rice burner." That's when we were told about the "good ole days" of Flint, where a foreign car could look forward to slashed tires and key marks.

In case you're wondering, yes - AJ's Prius has been scratched and keyed many, MANY times since we moved here.

In my mind, the connection between Michigan and General Motors was SO SACRED and went back so many generations, that I dare never speak ill of the mighty GM.

With yesterday's announcement, you can consider my silence as one of the 14,000 positions eliminated. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE BRAND LOYALTY TO GM. 

In the past tense, I may have understood this situation. But everything post-1980s has seemed to be nothing but bad news for the workers of Michigan. And if you're like me, people say "the 80s" and you think maybe 10-20 years ago when, in fact, it's about to be 40 years...which means it's been 40 years of GM decimating the Michigan workforce. 

Yes, I understand the history and the many generations of Michiganders who earned their living under the GM banner. And it WAS something to be proud - keyword here being "was." The retirement benefits that kept so many old lineworkers proud to buy GM are gone for future workers. The blue-collar plants are gone. And now, the white-collar jobs will be gone, too.

This is where I ask YOU: why do you still support GM?

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