A sold-out crowd of 6,500 filled Saginaw's Down Event Center, greeting Detroit's Bob Seger and his 14-member band with thunderous applause from start to finish Tuesday night. 

The set list included lots of familiar favorites - Crowd-pleasers like "Old Time Rock And Roll", "Turn The Page", and "Night Moves" to name a few - but also included some lesser-known gems like "Shining Brightly", "Good For Me", and "Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight" from his 1980 "Against The Wind" package.  You'd never know the latter three weren't big radio hits - the crowd embraced them with the same exuberance they showed for the old stalwarts.

Seger played exactly one song from the forthcoming album.  "Downtown Train" was met with polite applause, but the mostly middle-age crowd was there to hear the hits - that dated back to 1968's "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man".  No title or release date for the new CD has been announced.

Bob doesn't get all the credit.  His band includes longtime sax man Alto Reed, as well as Flint natives Craig Frost on piano, and Don Brewer on drums.  The two former Grand Funk Railroad members contributed more than their fair share to the sound of the Silver Bullet Band.

The tour continues in Toledo and Grand Rapids this week, stops in several mid-west states, and returns to Michigan in May for three shows at the Palace.  Tickets for the shows in Auburn Hills are still available.

At 65, Bob looked trim and fit, and offered proof, as he sang in the final encore, that Rock 'N Roll Never Forgets.

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