I've been a Michigander for five years now and I've learned a LOT about Lions fans.

It's tough when you move out of your home state. A lot of things change - time zones, accents, local dialect (I never knew what a 'Coney dog' was before I moved to Flint), and of course, sports team affiliations.

My upbringing wasn't heavy on the Packers. On Sundays, my family watched NASCAR races and, even then, I still found something else to do. Professional sports are not in my wheelhouse on interests.

Everybody assumes that, because I'm from Milwaukee, I MUST be a Packers fan. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not. I also don't drink beer.

Crazy, I know. However, I looooove cheese, but I think that's just a human thing.

I'll tell you why I love Detroit Lions fans - you're humble. You're beaten down, but you stay positive. Packers fans can be a tad...overbearing. If they win, it's because DUH. If they lose, it's because of bad calls by refs. It can get tiring.

I see you, Lions fans. I see your light blue hoodies that have been washed a hundred times but are still holding together by a thread.

I love your enthusiasm. I love your commitment to your team. I love that you don't blame the refs when you lose, but you always say, "we'll get 'em next game." Which turns into "next year." And you keep going.

Keep on keepin' on, Lions fans. You're inspiring.

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