"I love people and if they like the music, I'll play as long as they want to hear me play."

A few weeks ago, the Flint Institute of Music placed a piano by the JC Penney at Genesee Valley Center. Not long after, a wheelchair-bound Army veteran discovered it and has started playing for shoppers, mall walkers and employees.

His name is Robert Hazzard, and because he lives near the mall, he uses his wheelchair to get there. What's even more interesting is that he can't read a note of music!

"I call them ‘dots with flags on them.’ I've never had a lesson at all. Just playing around with it. Just having fun with it," he told ABC 12.

The mall marketing director, Cindy Frohriep, says that he's "such an interesting guy. It's just amazing the talent that comes from him."

There's no schedule or when you can hear him play; just hope you catch him while you're shopping! Thanks for bringing us some lovely music, Robert. Or, Bobby, as they call him at the mall.

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