I've been a mega-fan of all things fire for as long as I can remember, but safety is always priority one. I learned that the hard way when I almost burned my garage down when I was I kid. Now, having kids of my own, I want my children to enjoy a good fireworks display, but also have respect for fire and understand what it can do and how dangerous it is.

It must run in my family because my sister also shares in my pyromania. We used to cover snowballs with rubber cement, set them ablaze and throw 'em at each other. Now THAT's a snowball fight! (Do not under any circumstances try this at home!)

My daughter asked me if we could light off fireworks to wrap up her birthday party. Being the pyromaniac that I am, I gladly consented with a devilish grin and went on a mission. I got a ridiculously good deal and paid around $60 for close to $300 worth of the eye candy!

With Independence Day just around the corner, have fun but please be safe. Be sure to have a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher on hand, and keep children and other spectators a safe distance away from the explosives. Finally, remember that word, 'explosives'. You can easily lose body parts or your life if you're not careful.


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