The Halloween candy isn't gone yet (the crappy stuff anyway) so now it's time to skip Thanksgiving and move directly to Christmas sales.

But are those big sales really worth it?

Turns out some of the sales hype may be a big waste of time. Kevin Brasler, executive editor of the consumer watchdog group Consumer's Checkbook says, "Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale.”

Brasler tracked sales and deals offered by 19 different retailers and found that most deals aren't much different than prices offered year round.

"Most of these stores offering big-ticket items are just offering the same deal they did before and the same deal they offered the next week," Brasler said.

Brasler noted that even Black Friday deals are essentially the same as sale prices offered throughout the year.

Of the 19 stores tracked, Brasler notes that Costco and Bed Bath and Beyond are considered the most-trustworthy because they rarely hold sales.

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