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I often say the words, "Nothing surprises me anymore." I've made 56 trips around the sun and usually feel that when it comes to observing how people act and how people treat each other, I've seen it all. My parents said words to that effect when they were about my age.

But yesterday was different. Seeing our own people stage an attack on our nation's Capitol was unlike anything we've witnessed in our collective lifetime. It's impossible to predict, but we're not likely to see events of this magnitude ever again.

If you read the title of this article and assumed that I'm just another Democrat with a keyboard ready to heap admonishment upon all Republicans, you've gotten the wrong impression.

"If you voted for Donald Trump, this is on you!" "If you're proud of what's happening right now, please unfriend me." I saw those words posted, liked, and shared numerous times across social media yesterday (1/6) during the height of the siege on the capitol.

Really? We're laying responsibility for what happened yesterday at the feet of those who simply cast their ballots for Donald Trump? Are we really projecting that our friends and neighbors who flew Trump flags and sported MAGA hats are somehow proud of what happened in Washing DC?

I have no scientific evidence to support this but I'm going to speculate that an overwhelming majority of Americans were saddened by the display of events on Wednesday and mourn for those who lost their lives. It's probably even safe to assume that many of the protesters on the grounds of the Capitol had no malicious intent and merely wanted to be part of a peaceful protest.

This is not on you, regardless of how you voted in November. It's reprehensible for us to paint our neighbors (and family members) as enemies because of the actions of several hundred people we don't know.

A Facebook friend who has been outspoken in his support of Donald Trump framed it perfectly.

"…We do not have the right to storm buildings, and cause death and destruction. Ever. And anybody that participated in those activities should have their doors kicked in at 3 am and be dragged out of their homes for a quick, speedy trial and harsh sentencing."


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