Amazon's Prime Day got off to a rocky start Monday (7/16) leaving many shoppers looking at pictures of apologetic dogs.

Shoppers who clicked on sales links were greeted by the words, "Uh oh, something went wrong on our end."




However, the #PrimeDayFail did provide one benefit to customers.  


But you know who was happy about Amazon's Prime Day blunder? The folks at Build-A-Bear.



Amazon released the following statement after #PrimeDayFail started trending on Twitter:

“Some customers are having difficulty shopping, and we’re working to resolve this issue quickly. Many are shopping successfully – in the first hour of Prime Day in the U.S., customers have ordered more items compared to the first hour last year.

There are hundreds of thousands of deals to come and more than 34 hours to shop Prime Day.” – Amazon spokesperson


Before next year's self-proclaimed holiday, Amazon should put together a calendar featuring all of its Prime Day dog pics. And ya know, probably work on increasing server capacity. That would be good too.

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