It's that time of year again where we spend money we shouldn't on the deals for Prime Day.

Just like most people in the world, I have trouble turning down a good deal, whether I need the particular item or not. Amazon Prime Day does not help me keep my money in the bank in any way, shape, or form.

Do I really need an outdoor carpet? No. No, I don't because I live in an apartment, but I still find myself trying to justify a great deal. As I scroll through a lot of the offers and sales, it is a full-on mental battle for me not to put a million things in my cart. You should see the complete train wreck of things that are in my "save for later" folder on Amazon. It has it all. Tools, vitamins, audio cables and snakes, video games, legos, dishes, golfing equipment, mosquito repellents, and even an Iron Man vinyl decal. I may have a problem.

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With that said though, have you found anything good for Prime Day this year? Let us know what you have found that might still be available. Whether it's a great deal on a laptop, household items, tools...let us know.

I have a hard time focusing while I search the items listed. Almost, immediately fall down the Amazon rabbit hole and start searching for things that I don't even need. I'll start with a search for something I need around the house and end up wondering how much money I can make on the side with that metal detector that is on sale.

Anyway, good luck with your shopping out there.

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