I'll be sad to see my favorite 'holiday' season go, but if you wanna sneak in one last scary movie after trick-or-treating, here are some suggestions.


No, not the original. Unless you've never seen it, then go for it. But if you're a horror movie fanatic like me, that film is a classic...and old news. The 2013 version is straight-up terrifying. I saw it in theatres with a friend almost got sick into my purse. Loved it. Lots of blood, guts and gore, of course, so if that's not your type of "scary," see my next pick.


This one was a hit-or-miss for a lot of people; I think those who didn't care for it were actually expecting more gore. This one is more tense, more psychological. And it's a period piece, which some people can't get into. I loved it, personally. Freaked me out something awful.


If you're looking for a quintessential "haunted house" movie, this is one of my favorites. It's a little 'Hollywood' and kitschy, but scary nonetheless. Plus, I love Geoffrey Rush, so that helps.


A true Vincent Price classic that I had nightmares about as a kid. The iron maiden scene will be burned into your mind forever. And it's so old, you can watch the full movie on YouTube.


Another classic that's available in full on YouTube; it's also on Huluween. The story behind this movie for me - I grew up with teenage cousins who were always watching movies that were age-inappropriate. We used to lock ourselves in my grandparents' den and watch all of the adult content. This movie stuck with me for decades - the creepy chauffeur. Enough said.


And finally, I'll give you Pat's all-time favorite pick, because unlike me, he doesn't have a list of favorites - just one.


Another psychological (and slightly gory at parts, but nothing to write home about) thriller, starring Liv Tyler. This one will literally make you second-guess staying home alone for a short time afterwards.

Whatever you choose to watch, enjoy it and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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