It'll be the "Battle of the Booming Voices" for the rest of the week, ladies and gents.

AJ and our son are headed up to the UP to do some socially-distant hiking for a few days. Normally, I wouldn't mind being by myself. However, 2020 has been a lonely year and I'm thrilled to be welcoming one of my best friends to the Pat and AJ morning extravaganza.

This is Brad King.

Brad and I met at Columbia College in Chicago in 1996. We were both radio majors; besides bonding around the college radio station, we created a pretty great group of guy friends that continues to this day.

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His radio career took him to Rockford, IL, Kansas City, and now South Bend, IN. He's a country music aficionado; name a country music star and he's met them. Through country radio, he's been active with the St. Jude Radiothon for years, raising money for the hospital in Tennessee. He's also a baseball fanatic and a Tom Petty superfan.

Brad is a proud husband and father of a six-year-old boy and has strong ties to the mitten state; his wife is a Michigan native from the west side of the state and he spends a lot of time in the Big Rapids area, visiting family and making sure his son gets a regular dose of Pure Michigan.

I wasn't going to say anything; thought I'd bring him on the air and introduce him as AJ until somebody calls it out. *just kidding* Looking forward to bringing him on the air for the next few days!

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