I do it so you don't have to...or maybe this will make you WANT to go.

I've been a horror movie and haunted house since I was a kid - I remember gravitating towards the scariest stuff, even when I probably wasn't old enough.

And then I read this article about WHY people who have anxiety enjoy horror movies, and it all makes more sense.

So naturally, I decided to partake in one of Genesee County's best haunts - Exit 13 in Mt. Morris. And I wanted to share it with YOU.

Big thanks to Derek, Bubba and the FANTASTIC staff at Exit 13 for scaring the crap out of me. I kid you not, I got anxious just WATCHING the video, of myself, walking through. It's amazing and I can't recommend it enough if you like this kind of stuff.

This is my very own Blair Witch Project. Enjoy my terror.

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