Everyone wants to spend more time outside during the summer, and maybe a solar powered cooler will be the key to making sure you do.

Every summer I tell my family that I'd like us to spend more time camping, and just spending time outdoors in general. We all agree, and proceed to buy a few things that we deemed "essential" to being outdoors all summer. We've even gone so far as to look at camping trailers, even though we are lucky to go camping once a year. Then we get busy with a million other things, and maybe go camping for one weekend. It's a pretty common thing that we've even started to joke about as we talk about more camping this summer.

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This years completely unnecessary camping item that I want to buy is sure to make us be outside more.

How can you not read the words, "Solar Powered Cooler" and automatically spend more time outside?! I feel like just writing about it makes me a little bit of an outdoorsman.

I realize how ridiculous it is for me to want to buy this cooler, considering I have about 3 coolers in my garage that might get used once a year. That's just one of the many reasons that I have no business spending $500 on a cooler, but it's not stopping me from thinking about it.

I MEAN, YOU WON'T NEED TO BUY ICE!!! Unless you wanted some ice for your drinks, but even then you can store the ice in your solar powered cooler!

In reality, there's probably a 2% chance that I actually buy this cooler. I do really think it's a good idea, and would love to give it a try. I would not love to try and explain to my wife why we have a solar powered cooler collecting dust in the garage though.

I think the one thing I'll be most excited about if this cooler project takes off is the online war of words between people that buy it and the Yetti Mafia.


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