The shelter initially thought that they were being pranked.

A TV station in Lynchburg, Virginia has their very own "AJ's Animals" - it's called "Clear the Shelters."

WSLS 10 features animals that are available for adoption at the Lynchburg Humane Society on their newscast with the hopes that they'll be adopted. Last week, they ran a story about a black cat named Dennis Quaid that was looking for his furrrever home.

On a personal note, I love it when animals are named after celebrities. Anyways...

...the news story caught the attention of the one-and-only actor, musician, and podcaster of the same name, Dennis Quaid.

Danielle Ulmer, who is the Lynchburg Humane Society Adoption Center Manager, said that she thought they were being pranked.

They were contacted by the co-host of Quaid's podcast, The Pet Show, Jimmy Jellinek, about adopting the cat. He said that it took multiple calls for the shelter to believe that it was really Dennis Quaid who wanted to adopt the cat.

Eventually, they had a Zoom meeting, where Dennis Quaid and Dennis Quaid hit it off. The kitty will now be their office pet for The Pet Show. Jellinek is flying to the East Coast this weekend to pick him up.

Was this a publicity stunt for their podcast? Possibly. Does it matter? Nope. A cat who was in a shelter is going to his furrrever home, and that's all that really matters. They should keep naming their animals after celebrities and see who else comes through!

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