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There are a lot of good people in the world and in our local area in general. (But just like when you were in school, it's the bad ones who usually get all the attention.)

So we'd like to offer a personal thank you to one of the good eggs.

Here's what happened:

We were at VG's in Fenton last night (4/7) with my son who was getting his COVID vaccine. You've probably heard that for every million doses of the coronavirus vaccine administered, fewer than 50 people have severe reactions, right? We should have bought a Powerball ticket. We can't classify Dave's reaction as severe, but he certainly didn't 'breeze right through' like many of us do. He began to feel dizzy almost immediately after the shot, the color drained out of his face, and he began sweating profusely. We were only a half-step below panic level.

Thankfully this didn't require a call to 911, but it did require a bottle of water. A very, very expensive bottle of water.

Denise grabbed a bottle of Aquafina and headed for the U-Scan. She always gets a receipt. Except this time. In the haste to get Dave a little relief, she swiped her card and didn't look back.

This morning, the charge for $92.16 showed up online. WTH?

And so began the painful process of disputing the credit card charge. And without a receipt, we didn't think there was much hope.

So we made a call to VG's. Almost immediately, the service coordinator knew what had happened.

Turns out, the woman in line in front of us had accidentally not paid for groceries, and her order was combined with ours.

What would you do?

After realizing her mistake, the lady who had been in line in front of us went back to the store and paid for her groceries. VG's had already begun processing the refund to our card.

So a big thank you -- actually, about 90 thank yous to this kind woman who did the right thing. We don't know who you are, but we appreciate your honesty.

And Dave is fine. After about an hour, his body settled down and adjusted to the medication.

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