Do you have a neighbor who rocks the snow blower, and helps the entire neighborhood dig out after a snow-pocalypse? Perhaps you're the King of the Plow, ready to spring into action and rescue others in your hood at the first sign of flurries. God bless you!

These 'Captain Toros' deserve a shout-out!

Our neighbor Steve rules! He loves to ride his ATV, so in the winter he adorns it with tire chains and a plow, and gets plenty of ride time, plowing out his own and three neighbors' driveways. It's a win-win! (He's a pharmacist at Rite-Aid in Davison, BTW, just in case you run into him and feel like giving him kudos. Yeah, I guess that would be weird.)

So who is it in your neck of the woods that deserves a great big thank you?

- George McIntyre
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