The idea started as a joke...and ended up being a reality.

Trish and Nicholas Myers met while working for Art Van Furniture at separate locations - she, as a design specialist, needed an item from another store for a customer, so she called...and ended up talking to Nicholas on the other end. When they met at a coffee shop to exchange the item, they hit it off.

That's when they started to call themselves the "Art Van couple."

So, when they got engaged, Trish asked her store manager if they could get married IN THE STORE. He said that he thought she was joking, but when he realized that she was serious, they went out of their way to make it happen at the Mt. Pleasant location.

Absolutely gorgeous! If they wouldn't have said anything, I doubt we would've known it was in the store. They had their reception at a separate hall. Beautiful day, and congrats to Trish and Nicholas!

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