Nobody wants to touch a grimy door handle in a public place, especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

A couple of men from Michigan have a solution. Their touchless door opener will allow you to open a door with your foot.

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Nick Moritz and Clif Wells call the invention the 'Toad Opener'. They manufacturer their device with a 3-D printer in Royal Oak and are beginning to sell them throughout the US and Canada.

From the pair's website:

"'Foot-door-openers' provide a welcome way to enter and exit through doors hands-free. Get peace of mind and reduce risk of transmission of contagious agents by converting doors & refrigerators to hands-free open & closing!"

The device attaches with a special adhesive, so no drilling is required. There are also decals to place at eye-level so patrons know they don't have to touch the door handle in order to open the door.

In the video below, Nick Moritz tells Detroit's WXYZ that they've already sold about 50 products, mostly to restaurants and bars in the Detroit area. He says the device is easy to install.

“There’s been similar products on the market for years, mostly geared toward bathrooms," he said. “To install those, you have to drill through a door. And it’s very labor-intensive.”

To learn more about the Toad Openers, visit this website.


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