55 years after she started college, Amy Craton finished. And she couldn't be more proud. 

And not only did she graduate, but she did it with a 4.0 GPA.

She was awarded in a surprise ceremony in her home of Honolulu with a Bachelo degree in creative writing and English in a surprise ceremony held in Honolulu after taking two-and-a-half years of online courses from Southern New Hampshire University. She's wheelchair-ridden, so attending actual classes wasn't an option.

She dropped out of college in 1962 to support her family; she got a divorce and was left to support her four kids. Her advisors and professors were so impressed that she kept up with technology that they flew from New Hampshire to Hawaii to hand-deliver her diploma.

She says that she couldn't see herself sitting around all day, "watching Netflix," which is why she went back to school. And now, she's pursuing her master's degree.

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